Pictograms "00" stainless steel full square 70 x 70 mm and 85 x 85 mm

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pikto 117q

70 x 70 mm
85 x 85 mm
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Pictograms "00" square made of stainless steel 70 x 70 mm and 85 x 85 mm

Our pictograms "00" square, for truly unique signs for restrooms for men and women.

Pictograms "00" square speak more than words

Our toilet signs use the cross-language effect of symbols. If you run a hotel or a guest house and your guests come from all over the world, there may be language problems. Here our pictograms help to prevent ambarrassing situations. Even children who can not yet read, are happy when they find the way with the pictograms themselves.

Your new restroom pictograms "00" square at a glance

  •     Size of the adhesive pad on the back: 30 mm x 30 mm x 0.1 mm
  •     Of high-quality, robust stainless steel DIN 1430
  •     Marking Pictograms: black high-performance film
  •     Suitable for use indoors and outdoors
  •     Available sizes: square 70 x 70 mm and 85 x 85 mm.

High quality restroom pictograms for men and women

We know what we do and we know the requirements of a toilet sign, which must be easily legible. Therefor we use stainless steel. The icons are labeled with high-quality high-performance film. Our signs are easy to clean, we recommend dry cleaning with a microfiber cloth or with glass cleaner or paper towel.
The attachment of the pictograms is very simple, as they are equipped with a self-adhesive pad on the back. Another advantage for you: We have no minimum quantity for the order of icons, so you only pay for the amount you really need.

Benefit from our experience

If you have any questions or need more information, you can contact us easily. We're here to help. Take for Customer Service (04122/47547), our contact or send us an email.

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